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The Italian Cloni Ranunculus are available in many bright colors and shades. Compared to a traditional rose, the American grown Italian Ranunculus are long lasting and will open up fully. There are three different types of Italian Ranunculus; Cloni Success, Cloni Pon-Pon and Elegance Ranunculus. What makes the Cloni Ranunculus unique is that, just like the Cloni Pon-Pon series, the bulbs used for these flowers are propagated in a laboratory. This in-vitro process, also called cloning of the bulbs, results in a much healthier plant without virus or diseases.

Ranunculus and anemone like to grow in a cool environment and therefore my be hard to find during the summer and fall. Thanks to the improved varieties, micro climates and modern growing techniques, ranunculus are now grown year round.

Remember to ask your supplier for locally grown Italian Cloni Ranunculus, or, send us an e-mail as we would be happy to help you find you a convenient source of freshly picked and long lasting American grown flowers.

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