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Cloni Success Ranunculus; simply spectacular! The huge flowers are formed by many soft, paper like petals. These can easily be compared to peonies, but with a much better shelve life. The flowers are large and are on thick and sturdy stems. The best known Cloni varieties are Cloni Success Grand Pastel® (salmon), Success Hanoi® (powdery pink), Success Rio® (white) and Success Venere® (pink), but many other varieties and colors are available.

Cloni Pon-Pon Ranunculus; simply stunning! This is a complete new type of ranunculus. Truly unique and very trendy due the multi colored and ruffled flowers. Huge round flowers and thick and sturdy stems. Several different colors are available, from white/green, pink, orange, red and yellow. Some even look like a smaller, but much long lasting antique hydrangea. Best known Cloni Pon-Pon Ranunculus are Cloni Pon-Pon Malva® (antique cyclamen), Cloni Pon-Pon Aurora® (pink), Cloni Pon-Pon Silente (white/green) and Cloni Pon-Pon Ariel® (pink/green), but many other varieties are available.

Italian Ranunculus in USA

Elegance Ranunculus; this is a much improved alternative to the common ranunculus asiaticus or Persian buttercup. Until recently, the only flowers grown in the USA were the seed propagated varieties characterized with small flowers and different shades in each bunch. Sometimes you can find bulbs or even seed offered very cheap on internet or at department/box stores. The new Elegance Ranunculus however are genetically improved and have a much higher productivity. These have a longer stem height, an increased homogeneity and have larger flowers with a lot more petals than the older varieties. Also, because of the strong genetics these thrive better in warmer climates.

Mistral Anemone; Each anemone flower is an absolute eye catcher! Just like the Ranunculus, we stumbled upon a new line of Italian Ranunculus called, Mistral Anemone. Incredible large flowers and available is an abundance of colors; from pure white with a black heart (Mistral Plus Bianco Centro Nero) to different shades of pink, blue, flamed red, blushed cyclamen, purple and even an almost black anemone is available (Mistral Vinato). All with very large flowers on strong stems.

Colibri Icelandic Poppies; Absolute show stoppers! Poppies have been grown as a cut flower for thousands of years and are considered the symbol of good luck, love and fertility. The official name is Papaver Nudicaule and should not be confused with Somniferous or Opium poppies (these are grown for their green pods). The Colibri Poppies have very large tissue paper like flowers in hues of white, yellow, orange, peach and pink. 

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