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...with Genuine C​loni
Ranunculus Flowers

Get Inspired

It is your wedding, your event, your moment to shine… The day you have always dreamed about, but what is the perfect bouquet, table piece, boutonniere or table arrangement?! We would like to help to inspire you with some of the beautiful arrangements that have been created with the use of Italian Cloni Ranunculus.

Italian Cloni Ranunculus…

What few people know is that these Italian Ranunculus are now grown right here in the USA and, thanks to the many micro climates and growing techniques, the Cloni Ranunculus are pretty much available year round. 

The Northern Coast of Italy is often called ‘the Riviera of Flower’. The Liguria coast line is dotted with small greenhouses and fields where flower grower produce beautiful blossoms. San Remo is known as the City of Flowers (la Città dei Fiori) due to its geographical location between the Alps and the turquoise blue Mediterranean Sea, San Remo enjoys a mild climate, perfect to grow flowers.


San Remo is also where a new breed of Ranunculus was created. The Cloni Ranunculus (sometimes spelled Clooney ranunculus; but although the famous Hollywood actor has also discovered the beauty and even bought a house in Italy, he has nothing to do with this). Remarkable for their many petals and very large flowers, the Italian Cloni® Ranunculus are simply stunning and is many brilliant colors and shades.

Remember to ask your supplier for American grown Italian Cloni Ranunculus, or, send us an e-mail as we would be happy to help you find you a convenient source of freshly picked and long lasting American grown flowers.

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